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Kono Pizza: a franchise for your budget

According to a new economic impact study from PwC, franchise businesses are expected to provide nearly 9 million jobs into the economy and $351 billion in payroll in 2016 nationwide. That’s more jobs than manufacturers of durable goods! Franchising is a very popular path for individuals who want to run their own business with very low risk. When you invest in a franchise, you have a high chance of success because you have a strong brand and support backing you.

Yes, there are many franchises out there that cost an arm and a leg, but buying into a successful, established brand does not have to be notoriously expensive. There are many aspiring franchisors with ranging budgets, but there are many options with minimum initial investments ranging from $10,000 to $1 million. You just have to find the golden ticket! Kono Pizza has been featured in Business News Daily as a franchise that has an affordable minimum investment with a strong brand, a smart concept, and a promising future.

Kono Pizza, established in Europe and brought over to the U.S. in 2013, now has 130 locations operating in 20 different countries. The company estimates the average initial investment to be as low as $75,826 for carts, $131,766 for kiosks, and $164,976 for storefronts. If you find yourself to be a fit with the Kono Pizza brand, check out our website at https://konousafranchise.com/.

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