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Kono Pizza franchise owners bring pizza in a cone to a new level

Owners of the new Kono Pizza operation in St. John’s, Canada, Courtney Brett and Grant Courtney offered a taste of their pizza in a cone at the Snowbirds Show in Conception Bay South on August 23rd. They are young entrepreneurs who are through their first quarter of sales and are eager for more. They currently own a food truck operation and they specialize in pizza-to-go in the special cone form. Locals can typically find them most days parked across from Mile One Centre in downtown St. John’s.

The two got interested in owning their own Kono franchise first by fandom and their love for pizza. Brett said she discovered pizza in a cone 6 years ago at the Heavy Montreal music festival in Montreal where she first indulged on a traditional pepperoni and cheese cone that will always resonate in her memory. After attending several festival-focused trips with friends around Canada, Kono Pizza became a must-have snack before they returned home.

Brett has worked 11 and a half years in the service industry and has always wanted to become her own boss. She decided to speak with a Kono representative and she found that the pizza business will always be popular and that it could go beyond summer music festivals. This discovery finalized her business move to invest in the Kono franchise. After getting married in June of 2015, the couple decided to pursue the franchise together. They started serving their delicious pizza cones this summer.

“I was slinging drinks and now I’m slinging cones and it’s awesome. We’re having a blast.”

Besides the normal challenges of owning a Kono franchise, the two have also put in the time and effort to create their own pizza recipe combinations, which have surprisingly become best sellers! Their experiments will continue to draw more customers and they plan to offer more toppings, dessert combinations, and even breakfast and deli meat options! They have also tapped into bigger crowds by going on festival excursions. They are currently scheduled to attend the upcoming New Branch Music and Arts Festival in Carbonear!

Brett and Courtney’s St. John’s Kono franchise is the first on Canada’s east coast, but we are expecting one more to come soon in Halifax.

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