Kono PB & J Cone

Kono USA, the growing pizza cone franchise is putting a new unique twist on the popular American sandwich – Peanut Butter and Jelly. Kono USA was first developed in 2004 in Italy and is now offering opportunities in America and giving U.S. consumers a new product to get excited about! They are bringing back the traditional PB&J in a more convenient on-the-go cone shape. They are filling their warm signature cones with the very well known combination of Peanut Butter and Jelly!

The new PB&J cones will be available at all “The Original” Kono Pizza and Kono To-Go—Fresh Eats, Treats & Sweets franchise locations starting December 1st. Using its kid-sized cones, the new PB&J cone is cooked in just three minutes using the brand’s proprietary oven which can push out 100 cones in an hour! The warm cone is then layered with peanut butter & jelly and finished off with style and taste with a dollop of grape jelly on top. This will for sure be a huge hit in any high traffic area where customers are looking for something simple and delicious.

“The melted peanut butter and jelly blends together to create a tasty and filling snack that kids and adults will love,” says David Ragosa, co-founder of Kono USA. “Most of us grew up with traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread. We thought it was high time for a new spin on this all-time favorite. What better way to do that then with our portable and delicious snack cones?”

Kono USA’s on-the-go style of snacking has taken off with the introduction of Kono-To-Go—Fresh Eats, Treats & Sweets and “The Original” Kono Pizza kiosks, carts and other business models in high-traffic venues such as malls, festivals, and airports around the country. With existing locations in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina and 60 more in varying stages of development, additional mall kiosks in Baltimore, Dallas, and San Diego are scheduled to open by December 31. This ground floor franchise opportunity is ready to sweep the Nation!

The PB&J cone will take its place on the Kono menu beside the brand’s popular pizza, breakfast and dessert cones, all of which are customizable for each customer and filled with fresh quality ingredients inspired by original Italian recipes and Authentic Italian ingredients. Through a partnership with Ghirardelli, Kono USA also recently added several sweet cone options that are sure to tempt holiday shoppers. The premium chocolate is paired with an assortment of sweet fillings to create the Triple Chocolate, Coco-Nutty Delight, Caramel Nut Satisfaction and White Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate cones.

“Just as we reinvented the way Americans eat their pizza over three years ago when we brought the European pizza-in-a-cone craze to the United States, we’re showing that we’re continuing to push the envelope with the PB&J cone,” says Carlo Ruggiero, Kono USA co-founder. “We’re finding ways to take some of America’s favorite foods and make them more convenient. Stay tuned for more.”

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