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Want a slice of the $44 billion a year pizza industry? Check out pizza industry franchise opportunities at Kono Pizza.


Pizza has long been a staple favorite for the average American consumer. According to research firm Technomic’s 2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report, “Forty-one percent of consumers polled say they now eat pizza once a week, a big jump from 26% just two years ago.” And a recent Harris Poll found that “pizza is Americans’ number one favorite comfort food, earning twice as many votes as any other dish.”

The increase in demand for pizza is not good news for everyone in the business. Independent owners saw a decline in sales last year, down to an average of $444,691. For branded “chains” however, average unit sales increased, to a remarkable $745,681. The data indicates that while consumers demand for pizza is surging, but not for just “any” pizza. Consumers are demonstrating that the power of the brand is more important than ever. But the latest Technomic Trend report for 2016 focused on one key point;

Consumers are becoming increasingly attracted to, and searching out, pizza options that offer words like “clean”, “authentic” and “healthier” eating.

Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights for Technomic, noted that winning pizza companies in 2017 will be “Authentic and clean,” both synonymous in the customer’s mind with ‘quality'”. Weikel further notes “Authenticity is really big in terms of consumer demand overall,” she says. “In the pizza space, you have that natural association with Italian fare, so you have the opportunity to not just take authenticity from the quality approach but also from that approach of old-world tradition, recipes and sourcing of ingredients from Italy.

You can go above and beyond authenticity in terms of quality to something that really connects it with a place and time.”It’s interesting to note that Kono USA has since 2015 provided its customers with a product that is aligned with the values of “Italian authenticity” and “cleaner, healthier pizza”. We are indeed, a step ahead of the competition.


50% of pizza sales in 2009 came from franchise chains.


68% of consumers order carryout pizza at least once a month.


45% order pizza for dine-in service monthly.


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Whether you want to own just one location or build an empire like our Roman ancestors, Kono Pizza has a variety of business models and pizza industry franchise opportunities available for our Famiglia to choose from.

You choose how large or simple you want your business to be. From semi-permanent locations in Malls, to food carts in professional sports stadiums, it’s up to you!