Kono Pizza Opens in South Carolina Walmart

Consumers in Lancaster, South Carolina now have to the opportunity to eat their favorite pizza, lunch, or dessert treats made inside a hot pizza dough cones.

The original Kono pizza opened on May 16 as the first location in a Walmart in Lancaster, South Carolina. Kono inked a deal with Walmart to introduce the franchise in the chain retailer’s locations across the country.

This new location is owned and operated by Carl and Gayle Adams who first learned of Kono on a business trip to Singapore, in which they ended up falling in love with the taste and the simple concept. After their trip, they decided to purchase the franchise and bring it home with them. The couple has experience in engineering and refurbishing, but they are excited for their new business venture. They have purchased rights to open three locations and are hoping to get the next two up and running over the next couple of years.

Our new Original Kono Pizza in Lancaster offers consumers a way to enjoy a delicious snack on the fly. They’re eaten the same way as an ice cream cone, except with biting instead of licking. The soft, hot, baked, crust wraps perfectly around the pizza, deli, and dessert filling to form just the right size treat to tide you over to your next meal.

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The Original Kono Pizza locations are opening up all over the nation and the coned food trend continues to grow. Their are 130 locations in 20 countries around the world and the US has locations operating in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina with more locations opening up in Georgia, Texas, California, and Washington D.C./Maryland area.