Why Choose Kono Pizza?

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How is Kono Different? It’s Pizza Reinvented!


We’ve taken one of America’s favorite foods and made it even better.
Innovative. Authentic. Exciting.
And now, we’re taking the states by storm.

The Kono Pizza quick service franchise model is a truly unique, ground-floor business opportunity. We are looking for partners who are excited to help pioneer this new and improved version of one of America’s favorite foods — pizza. As an emerging quick service franchise with explosive growth, our aim is to bring our products to where the people are.

Our Franchise Owners don’t have expensive build-outs, high overhead and the worry of the seemingly difficult future of retail. Just like our cones, our business model is portable and flexible. Kono Franchise Owners operate food carts, trucks and trailers, to go to where the people are. From festivals, concerts, sports arenas, farmers markets and more, the success of our product and our quick service franchise business model lies in our flexibility to work with the modern-day consumer.

Three Flexible Quick Service Franchise Business Models

Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchise - Food Truck Model
Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchise Cart
Kono Pizza USA Franchise Cart

The Kono Truck

Kono Pizza allows our customers to enjoy a delicious meal, on the fly. We use a low-skim, low-moisture cheese to eliminate condensation and grease in Kono Pizza cones. You just eat it the same way you would an ice cream cone—but, you know, with biting instead of licking.

The Kono Trailer

The Kono Trailer is the latest weapon in the Kono franchise owners arsenal. Combining the mobility of the Cart, with the ease-of-use of the truck, the Trailer is and eye-catching and effective business model for capitalizing on busy events. The Trailer is not a motorized vehicle itself, but can be moved by a motorized vehicle you attach to it. Like the Food Truck, the Trailer is bigger than a Cart. The Trailer cannot be operated indoors, but can be operated at the same outdoor events as Carts and Food Trucks.

The Kono Cart

We're on the move! The Kono Cart was created to allow our Franchise Owners to open locations wherever the customers are! This fully operational, self-contained serving cart comes equipped to simply and efficiently produce all of our delicious pizza cones. It is NSF certified and meets health department requirements for mobile operation, and can be setup in as little as 15 minutes. Perfect for professional sports stadiums, convention centers, festivals and fairs, Kono is coming to a location near you soon!

“The flexibility of the Kono business is great. We can go to different events, move in and out really quickly. It also allows us to grow. We want to have 5 carts and trailers operating in our first 5 years.”

- David White, Franchise Owner

Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchise Owner

Superior Business Models

Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Flexible Icon
Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Icon
Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Icon
Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Icon
Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Portable Cone Icon


Business experts continue to talk about the “slow demise of tradition retail”. Serving food in malls, and even restaurants is for the first time in generations, becoming a risky endeavor. At Kono, we have realized that in order to ensure a successful future, you can no longer rely on waiting for customers to come to you…you have to go to the customers. With our mobile cart, truck and trailer, our quick service franchise owners are equipped to adapt to the future of consumerism.


Unlike most other successful quick service franchises, you don’t need $500,000 – $1,000,000 to open each location. The Kono business model was build to scale and meet the increasing demand for our product in new markets across the country. Accordingly, you can get three Kono businesses up and running for under $200,000. Our Franchise Owners enjoy being able to implement a variety of quick service franchise models in their business, from the mobile cart, to the truck, or the trailer.


The great thing about the Pizza industry, is that most people love eating it. There is an ever growing demand for pizza. The tough part about this industry? Trying to stand out when there are so many companies offering this product. At Kono, we’ve solved this problem by reinventing pizza! By making it more delicious, more portable and more fitting with the average American’s fast-paced lifestyle, we have truly differentiated ourselves in the market.

Variety of Product

Kono offers the same great quality of products that Kono Pizza customers enjoy, including breakfast, deli, pizza and dessert items, all served in freshly-baked dough cones. All Kono products are prepared using high quality ingredients inspired by the original and authentic Italian recipes. Baked in under three minutes in our proprietary ovens, we ensure our consumers can truly stay on-the-go, but never have to compromise on quality. We invite you to check us out on Facebook, where recently Kono has become a viral sensation, amassing over 20 million views and 250,000 likes! As a Kono Franchise Owner, you instantly own a product that has gone viral and that people love!

Portable Product

The introduction of Kono and its tagline further emphasizes the portability of our products and positions us a one-stop shop for either a meal during any part of the day or the perfect snack between meals. This makes Kono even more appealing to venues like professional sports stadiums, convention centers and other busy venues! While other food concepts have to beg to be invited to sell their product at different events and arenas, Kono has the big companies coming to us asking “can you please bring your model into our venue?!”

Flexibility in Locations


The world is changing. Operating a business in fixed Real Estate is becoming more challenging than ever. Our belief is that in order to thrive in this new consumer environment, only businesses that are flexible will thrive. Accordingly, we go to where the customers are! Kono quick service franchise owners are operating successfully in a variety of locations, from Sports Arenas, to arts festivals, conference centers, malls, farmers markets, concerts, and anywhere there is considerable foot-traffic. Our real estate and event support team is here to help find your event and venue opportunities unique to your individual market.

Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchising - Venue Icon

Kono thrives in...


“The flexibility of the Kono business is great. We can go to different events, move in and out really quickly. It also allows us to grow. We want to have 5 carts and trailers operating in our first 5 years.”

- Robert Resendez, Franchise Owner

Rob Resendez, Kono Pizza USA Food Truck Franchise Owner