Management Manpower

Kono adds management ahead of rapid expansion plans…

Kono USA has decided to expand the management team to meet the challenges of growth for the years ahead. Kono has opened many new locations and has sold 54 franchise units that will be opening by the end of 2016.

The newly expanded management team includes Kono USA Vice President Matthew P. Van Note who came from Papa John’s, Les Garrett as head of real estate development who came from the shopping district industry, and Vice President of Operations Steven Henry who came from the food industry.

Matthew P. Van Note was the previous franchise director for Papa John’s in New York City and throughout the Midwest. He did a great job growing sales by more than 5 percent for several years. In addition, he supervised for Hungry Howie’s in Detroit and Domino’s in New Jersey.

” Kono USA is an innovative company that is on trend with consumer demand for convenient, customizable fill snacks. Franchisees have tremendous flexibility in the model they choose to operate and the name of the brand that works best in their local market.”

Les Garrett has been involved in shopping mall real estate investment for the last 30 years and he founded Garrett Retail Advisors based in Fort-Worth. This company helps add value and reduce risk for individuals who own property in mixed-use real estate developments and shopping centers. For his new role as head of real estate development, he will find new locations for Kono Restaurants and Kono to Go.

“It’s clear that Kono brands are gaining traction with consumers around the country in malls and other high-traffic venues. My plan is to continue the momentum by finding prime locations for all the new franchisees that have signed on to open units.”

Kono USA has many locations in Philadelphia, Orlando, New Jersey, and South Carolina, but has big plans for the future. Currently, there are 10 unit deals underway both in Baltimore and Georgia , 21 units have opened in Dallas, 10 more units will open up in California later this year, and 3 locations will open up around Washington D.C.

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